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  • How important is the AP Poll in college football rankings?

  • A team’s place in the AP Top 25 poll, and certainly the College Football Playoff rankings, is crucial to judging the success or failure of a season. Since 1936, the AP poll has been key in deciding which teams are in the race for the national championship. Then in 1998, the BCS computer model supplanted it as the most important.

  • How does the AP Poll work?

  • Beginning in late August with the annual preseason poll, the AP ranks the 25 best teams in college football every week during the season. It also releases a poll after the bowl season and College Football Playoff. More than 60 sports writers and broadcasters across the country cast their votes individually.

  • What were the first preseason AP Top 25 rankings?

  • The AP revealed the first-ever preseason Top 25 rankings ahead of the 1950 NCAA season. Notre Dame led that poll, followed by No. 2 Army, No. 3 Michigan, No. 4 Tennessee, and No. 5 Texas. Oklahoma, ranked No. 6 that preseason, won the national championship.

  • What is the difference between the Coaches Poll and preseason poll?

  • Lately the preseason poll pretty much mirrors the Coaches version, but there are always a few tweaks and differences with a few more non-traditional teams getting a little more love 鈥?last year鈥檚 had Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina higher than the Coaches Poll did.

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