are there any preseason football games today

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  • Where can I watch all the NFL preseason games?

  • You can view all of the NFL preseason games, either live or on-demand through NFL Game Pass. If you want to know the remaining NFL preseason matchups, check out the full NFL preseason schedule. When does the 2021 NFL regular season begin?

  • When does NFL preseason football start?

  • Those football games will be spread across multiple days of the week 鈥?from Thursday through Sunday. The action kicks off on August 12, with another two weeks of NFL preseason action in the following two weeks.

  • How many games did each NFL team play in the preseason?

  • The NFL preseason is in full swing as each team has played at least one game as the league dropped the preseason schedule from four games to three with the expansion of the regular season to 17 games.

  • How many days of preseason football are there in Week 2?

  • However, at that point, we will have five straight days of NFL Week 2 preseason football, including 10 nationally televised games on the schedule. The action kicks off with a single game on Thursday, followed by two more on Friday, 10 on Saturday, two on Sunday, and a solitary game on Monday.

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