did chip gaines play football at baylor

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  • What college did Chip Gaines go to?

  • For Chip Gaines, he had aspirations to become a baseball player, and actually got much further in the sport than you might know. As noted by Baylor University’s alumni magazine, Gaines was the second baseman for his high school’s team, and then was recruited to play ball at North Lake Junior College.

  • How did Chip Gaines start his own business?

  • After his graduation from Baylor University in 1998, he set out and started his private business. Chip Gaines along with his wife Joanna Gaines to whom he met at Baylor University, invested in properties in Baylor Area and established their own company, 鈥楾rinity Properties鈥?

  • What does Chip Gaines do for a living?

  • After completing his studies at the acclaimed 鈥楤aylor University鈥? Chip Gaines ventured into entrepreneurship and became the founder of several businesses and was quite successful. He later married Joanna and the couple went on to establish the firm 鈥楳agnolia Homes鈥?

  • Who is Chip Gaines鈥檚 sister?

  • Not much is known about his family, except that he has a sister named Shannon Gaines. He was raised in Colleyville and pursued his primary education at the 鈥楪rapevine High School鈥? During his school days, Chip Gaines loved playing Basketball, until he got busy with academics and work.

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