did dwayne johnson play nfl football

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Johnson did not play footballuntil high school when he was attending Freedom High in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He credits this desire to play due to a bathroom run-in with teacher/coach Jody Cwik. Johnson was an imposing figure.

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  • Did Dwayne 鈥淭he Rock鈥?Johnson play football?

  • Known for his larger-than-life personality in the wrestling ring and a star on the big screen, Dwayne 鈥淭he Rock鈥?Johnson also tried his hand at football early in life. Let鈥檚 take a look back at Dwayne Johnson鈥檚 football career and if The Rock ever made it to the NFL.

  • What college did Dwayne Johnson go to?

  • Johnson received offers from Penn State, UCLA, Clemson, Florida State, and dozens of other top programs. Eventually, he reached out to the University of Miami and accepted a full-ride scholarship to play at 鈥淭he U.鈥?If you know your college football history, you know how incredible the 1991 Miami Hurricanes team was.

  • What happened to Dwayne Johnson after he quit playing football?

  • After quitting his football dreams, Johnson had a tough couple of years. Ultimately, it worked out for him and it may be easy for Johnson to accept that he never got to play football professionally. After all, within a decade he would be the poster child for the WWE, and in 2019, he was the highest-paid actor.

  • What college did Dwayne The Rock go to?

  • Dwayne The Rock Johnson played college football at Miami Dwayne The Rock Johnson was a standout football player in high school. He played defensive end and earned a full scholarship to the University of Miami. He was the backup defensive end for the Hurricanes, starting just one game in college because Warren Sapp was the starter.

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