do they sell beer at notre dame football games

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  • How many college football stadiums sell beer during games?

  • According to, 34 college football stadiums sell beer during games. The Southeastern Conference does not permit alcohol sales in its stadiums. However, 17 of the 34 schools that do sell beer at football games are located in a state with an SEC school.

  • Can you bring alcohol into Notre Dame Stadium?

  • Alcoholic beverages are 鈥婲OT鈥?permitted to be brought into Notre Dame Stadium or on central campus. Alcohol is only permitted in designated tailgating and premium seating areas. Weapons of any kind are prohibited on campus.

  • Can you buy alcohol at a college football game?

  • Many schools refuse to sell alcohol at games and on university premises because so many college students are under the age of 21. Schools must adhere to standard laws regarding alcohol sales. No one under the age of 21 may purchase beer at a college football game.

  • Can you buy beer at Maryland football games?

  • Maryland began selling beer this year, and will decide after the season whether or not to continue doing it. A number of other college stadiums, including Virginia Tech and Ohio State, offer alcohol in luxury suites and/or club suites, but not in other parts of the stadium.

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