does carrie underwood song monday night football

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  • Does Carrie Underwood sing on NFL Sunday Night Football?

  • (CNN) The NFL is back for their 2021-2022 season and that means we get another Sunday Night Football’ song performed by Carrie Underwood. This season is my ninth season working with the incredible people at ‘Sunday Night Football.’ Underwood said in a recent press release.

  • Who sings the Sunday Night Football theme song?

  • Since 2013, NBC鈥檚 Sunday Night Football theme has been performed by Carrie Underwood. Two seasons after Underwood first debuted a new Sunday Night Football song, the singer broke out yet another musical update for Week 1鈥檚 broadcast of Bears-Packers. In this version, 鈥淥hhhhhhh Sunday Night鈥?was replaced by 鈥淕AME ON!鈥?/div>NFL fans hated Carrie Underwood鈥檚 new 鈥楽unday Night

  • What song did Carrie Underwood sing with Miranda Lambert?

  • That, in turn, had replaced 鈥淥h, Sunday Night,鈥?a rewritten version of the 鈥淪omethin鈥?Bad鈥?that Underwood performed with Miranda Lambert. And the song that replaced was 鈥淲aiting All Day For Sunday Night,鈥?a version of Joan Jett鈥檚 鈥淚 Hate Myself For Loving You.鈥?/div>NFL: NBC brings back original 鈥楽unday Night Football

  • How old was Taylor Swift when she sings Sunday Night Football?

  • This year, the 37-year-old singer had to record the song remotely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. If you鈥檙e a fan of Sunday Night Football, you鈥檙e likely pretty accustomed to seeing a familiar face each and every Sunday night during the football season鈥攁nd we鈥檙e not talking about the players’ or analysts’.

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