does columbia have a football team

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  • Did you know that Colombia has played in the World Cup?

  • The Colombian football team is on the up. The team鈥檚 performances have opened the door for Colombia in the World Cup, both the 2018 tournament and many more. Were you aware that after the first time Colombia played in the World Cup, in 1962, the national team had to wait 28 years to make their comeback?

  • Was the 1990s Colombia鈥檚 greatest ever football team?

  • Most fans consider the Colombian football team of the 1990s to be country鈥檚 greatest ever national squad. They remember with fondness the meteoric rise of soccer stars such as 鈥榚l Pibe鈥?Valderrama, Ren Higuita and Tino Asprilla. The great players of that era continue to be icons of Colombian and international football today.

  • When does preseason training camp start for Columbia football?

  • NEW YORK 鈥擟olumbia Football opened its 2021 preseason training camp with Move-In Day on Thursday and Administrative Day on Friday. The Lions begin practice tomorrow on Saturday, August 20 from 2:40 p.m.-5:10 p.m. at Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium. A complete preseason training camp schedule is available at this link.

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