have any footballers refused to take the knee

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A number of leading footballers have said they’re going to stop taking a knee before matches. Crystal Palace playerWilfried Zahahas become the first Premier League player to do so because he believes the protest is no longer enough. I feel like taking a knee is degrading, he told the FT Business of Football conference.

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  • Why do England fans boo their own players for taking the knee?

  • Some England supporters booed their own players for taking the knee before the Euro championships earlier this year over apparent opposition to the Black Lives Matter organisation, which has called for the police to be defunded.

  • Why do footballers take a knee before games?

  • Football stars began taking a knee before the start of games following the coronavirus break. The action was seen as an act of solidarity with George Floyd, an unarmed black man whose death during an altercation with police shook the world. All 20 top flight clubs also wore a BLM badge on their shirts.

  • Why did QPR players stop taking a knee?

  • Players from QPR stopped taking a knee earlier this season following Director of Football Les Ferdinand鈥檚 comments that the action had been 鈥渄iluted.鈥?Speaking ahead of their trip to Millwall, QPR boss Mark Warburton echoed Ferdinand鈥檚 calls for 鈥減ositive action鈥? rather than 鈥済estures.鈥?/div>Footballer refuses to take the knee as he has doubts over

  • Why is Taylor refusing to take the knee?

  • Players from Sheffield United and Aston Villa became the first to take a knee as English football returned in June and it sent a powerful anti-racism message. Players continue to take the knee in protest but Taylor refuses to do so claiming that the meaning of kneeling has been lost and that has been the case for months.

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