how come al michaels is not doing sunday night football

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Al Michaels is being pulled from 鈥淪unday Night Football鈥?this weekend 鈥渋n accordance with NBCUniversalCOVID-19 safety protocols,鈥?NBC Sports said on Friday. 鈥淢ichaels has not been cleared to work this weekend鈥檚 game,鈥?the group informed media this afternoon via email.

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  • Is Al Michaels calling Sunday Night Football in Week 6?

  • For the first time in the 2021 season, NBC play-by-play commentator Al Michaels will not be calling the ‘Sunday Night Football’ game between the Steelers and the Seahawks in Week 6. Fellow NBC broadcaster, Mike Tirico, will take over for Michaels and join Cris Collinsworth in the booth.

  • What is Al Michaels doing now?

  • Legendary NBC Sports announcer Al Michaels all but confirmed his days on Sunday Night Football are nearing an end The 76-year-old has called SNF since NBC acquired the broadcast rights in 2006 Michaels is expected to work Thursday Night Football games for Amazon Prime next year

  • What happened to Al Michaels on’Sunday Night Football’?

  • Al Michaels was absent from ‘Sunday Night Football’ back in September 2020 as well. Fans noticed that the longtime commentator was missing from the commentating team on Sunday Night Football and they wanted to know where he was. Folks began worrying if his contract was terminated or if he retired from his longtime gig.

  • Why is Mike Tirico leaving’Sunday Night Football’?

  • This season is Michaels’ last season on his NBC contract, and the almost 77-year-old broadcaster will most likely be stepping away from NBC after the Super Bowl in February. Why is Mike Tirico calling ‘Sunday Night Football’? As Michaels has gotten older, NBC occasionally gives him weeks off throughout the season.

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