how do football transfers work

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A transfer happens in football whentwo clubs agree terms of sale and the buying club agree a contract with the player. Like any business transaction,a transfer can occur in a variety of ways.

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  • How does a soccer transfer work?

  • The club acquiring the player must agree to a contract with the player. It’s not like in baseball when acquiring teams simply take over the player’s contract. In a soccer transfer, players are able to negotiate new contracts. In Ronaldo’s case, he will be paid about $18 million a year on a six-year contract.

  • What is involved in a football transfer transaction?

  • There are essentially three transactions that must occur to complete a transfer: 1. The two clubs must agree on a transfer fee. This is money the team acquiring the player must pay to the team letting him go. The sums can be staggering.

  • How much does it cost to transfer a football player?

  • That’s an extreme example, but transfer fees for even workman-like players can be in the millions. 2. The club acquiring the player must agree to a contract with the player.

  • What is a free transfer in football?

  • Free transfers usually occur when a player’s contract at a club is expiring or has expired. Players are free to negotiate with other clubs without their old club receiving a transfer fee when there are six months left on their contract. Such a transfer is sometimes referred to as a Bosman, after the 1995 Bosman ruling. What is a transfer request?

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