how does it feel to get tackled in football

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  • How to tackle properly and safely in football?

  • To tackle properly and safely, you always need to maintain good tackling form, staying low and striking with a wide base. To learn the correct form, start by keeping your feet shoulder width apart, your knees flexed slightly. 2. Keep your shoulders back. To give yourself the most power and the most control in your tackles, …

  • Are You Scared of being tackled in football?

  • While many youth players admire the tackles they see college and professional football players make, they are scared of being tackled during their own games. Overcoming the fear of being tackled can be challenging, but it is possible through preparedness and encouragement.

  • What happens if you tackle someone in soccer?

  • Tackling in soccer can be dangerous. Choosing the wrong tackling technique to use in a specific moment can result in a yellow or red card, a suspension, or may even result in an injury for either player. For example, a player using a shoulder challenge from behind an opponent.

  • How do you poke tackle in football?

  • The defender must lead with their front foot and aim to make contact with the ball as firmly as possible to put some distance on the ball. To execute the poke tackle correctly, the defending players needs to be alert, light on their toes, and ready to poke the ball away when the opportunity arrives.

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