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  • How many innings are in a minor league baseball game?

  • Minor League Baseball games have nine innings, just like MLB games. The top of the inning has the away team bat, while the bottom of the inning has the home team bat. Games can go into extra innings if the game does not have a winner after the ninth inning.

  • How many innings are in a college softball game?

  • A college softball game has seven innings, although there are a few exceptions when there could be more or fewer innings in a game. Here are the official NCAA softball rulesregarding how many innings are in a game:

  • How do extra innings work in softball?

  • Extra innings are played in a softball game if the score is tied after all of the regulation innings, which are usually six or seven innings. Extra innings in softball work similarly to regular innings in that the visiting team bats in the top of the inning until three outs are reached.

  • How many players are on the field in a baseball game?

  • The baseball game comprises two teams, and each team has nine players on the field at a time. The first inning starts with the home team batting while the other team is in defense.

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