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  • How much does it cost to attend a football game?

  • Across the country, ticket prices for high school and youth football are generally standardized, with varsity football games usually costing $6 per ticket and middle-school games typically costing around $3 per ticket. Many schools and leagues will also offer discounted prices for students, parents, and other types of fans.

  • How much does it cost to buy NFL tickets?

  • Better seats will often fetch prices of $200 or more, while seats very high in the stadium, with worse views, may cost less, with some going for less than $100. NFL ticket prices also vary based upon the team, with more popular and successful franchises selling more expensive tickets.

  • How much does a football helmet cost?

  • But we recommend you buy a quality helmet that prevents concussions and ensures the utmost safety during your playing time. Usually, the cost of a football helmet will start from $45, and it can go up to $400. Let鈥檚 know the detailed price rate of a wide receiver to an oval shape football helmet.

  • Where do the current Premier League season ticket prices come from?

  • The current prices come from several sources, including Statistica and the annual BBC Price of Football study. We think it is one of the biggest annual football season tickets price comparison charts of its type in Europe. Premier League season ticket prices are for entrance to matchday games during the English football season.

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