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  • How much football is there in a football game?

  • Simply put, there鈥檚 not a lot of actual football in a football game. The numbers are startling. An average NFL broadcast lasts well over three hours, yet it delivers a total of only 18 minutes of football action.

  • What are the real costs of playing youth football?

  • There are costs to count, and not just financially. Often, the highest cost is the time commitment required for practices, home games, and the travel time to and from away games. Let鈥檚 explore the real costs of playing youth football.

  • What is the length of a football field?

  • A standard football field is 120 yards (360 feet) long. The playing field is 100 yards (300 feet) long and it has two end zones 10 yards (30 feet) deep. The field is 53 1/3 yards (160 feet) wide on both sides. The football field is 57,600 square feet (360 feet x 160 feet).

  • How much do Super Bowl tickets cost?

  • According to SeatGeek, the secondary market is the best place for fans to realistically purchase tickets. On average, Super Bowl tickets can cost between $4,000 and $5,000. The price is also dependent on the two teams that make it to the championship game.

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