how much money does college football make

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$150,000 and $1.65 million

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  • How much do the most profitable college football programs make?

  • The 20 most profitable college football programs made an eye-popping $925 million combined after expenses. The SEC is the leading conference on the field and on the balance sheet, as it has nine schools in the top 20.

  • How much do schools get paid for post-season football games?

  • Each conference will receive $300,000 for each of its schools when the school鈥檚 football team meets the NCAA鈥檚 APR for participation in a post-season football game. Each independent institution will also receive $300,000 when its football team meets that standard.

  • What are the sources of revenue for college football teams?

  • The following are some of these sources of revenue and how they play into the team鈥檚 overall ability to bring revenue into their athletic organizations: Ticket sales easily lead the way as the largest money-maker for top grossing college football teams in the US.

  • Should college football players be paid to play?

  • The college football players are like every other student in college, so they are no different from law, engineering, or even Computer Science students. Paying the college player may give them the sense that they don鈥檛 need school anymore, and they may drop out because they have some little dollars they can spend around.

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