how much money does college football make

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$150,000 and $1.65 million

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  • How do college football teams make money?

  • The Bottom Line 鈥?College Football is a Huge Source of Revenue for Universities. In conclusion, the top college football teams in the US can make their respective schools a very large sum of money. The athletic programs of each school own all that money and can use it as they see fit.

  • How much do college football coaches make?

  • This group is compiled from USA Today 鈥榮 list, but takes into account coaching changes, compensation information, or lack thereof, and the latest available information. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern 鈥?$5.748 million Chip Kelly, UCLA Bruins 鈥?$5.6 million Mel Tucker, Michigan State 鈥?$5.566 million 10.

  • How much should college football stars be paid?

  • According to the study, paying college stars similarly to professional players (by sharing half the revenue from their games, and paying high-profile players a higher percentage) would mean that top quarterbacks, like Clemson鈥檚 preseason All-American signal caller Trevor Lawrence, would earn up to $2.4 million per season, on average.

  • Which college football programs have the most profitable programs in America?

  • The University of Texas had the most profitable football program in 2017-18, with a $101 million profit on $143 million in football revenue, which represented 3.9% of the institution鈥檚 revenue. (For the sake of comparison, the University of Louisville had the most profitable college basketball program in 2017-18 and netted $17 million).

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