how to set up fantasy football

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Open the ESPN Fantasy App and tap on the Football icon at the top. Tap Create New League. Enter the League Name, tap on the league size (4-20), and select the default settings for your league.

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  • How do I create a league on ESPN Fantasy Football?

  • Head to the ESPN Fantasy Football create your own league page. Here, you’ll find three choices: Standard Free, ESPN Custom and League Manager. Note: Click on League Scoring Types Explained for details on each option. Create Free: This is the simplest way to get started.

  • How do I Change my League settings in fantasy football 101?

  • Fantasy Football 101: Settings. If you are a League Manager (LM), you can change settings by going to your league or team page, clicking on League, then Settings.. Here you will find general settings, which you can change by clicking Edit..

  • Do you need money to start a Fantasy Football League?

  • Many fantasy football leagues have money at stake. so when starting your league, you will need to decide if you want to play for a prize or just play for fun. If you decide to play for cash, you absolutely 110% need to get the money up front.

  • How do I join a friend’s Fantasy Football League?

  • If you received a fantasy football invite via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS to join a friend’s league, you must click the unique link on the invite to join that league. Please check your email or other messages for your invite to join your league. Contact your commissioner to resend the invite, if needed.

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