how to watch notre dame football

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There are a variety of ways to watch the Notre Dame football game tonight. You can tune in onESPN, ABC, or NBC Sports. There is also an option to stream the game through WatchESPN or Sling TV.

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  • How can I watch Notre Dame football on Peacock premium?

  • Peacock will stream Notre Dame home games for Premium subscribers. The home opener vs. Toledo will stream exclusively on Peacock Premium. All other home games this season will be available on Peacock Premium, NBC,, and the NBC Sports app. Please check local TV listings for coverage of Notre Dame away games.

  • Can I watch the Notre Dame game on ESPN?

  • This will give you all but one of the Notre Dame games as long as you have a good clear signal to your local NBC and CBS. However, you won’t get the first game on ESPN, and if you’re looking to watch more college football, you’ll be missing out on over 20 channels carrying games.

  • Can I watch Notre Dame football on Sling TV?

  • Notre Dame Football on Sling TV: Some, because Sling TV has NBC and ESPN if you subscribe to Orange + Blue. But they don’t stream CBS live, so you’ll miss that game. If you have an antenna good local NBC signal, Sling Orange for $15 the first month can be a good option for the ESPN game.

  • Why is Notre Dame football so popular?

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish football has become a tradition for alum and fans coast to coast. The school has had a national TV deal for their football games for almost 30 years. So college football fans in cities and towns without a team to root for found it easy to become attached to the Fighting Irish.

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