is a football fish an angler fish

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  • What is the difference between a football fish and an anglerfish?

  • Like many types of anglerfish, the football fish has strong differences between females and males. The females measure up to 2 feet long and possess the large glowing angler rod that emerges from the head. They also have a covering of round, bony plates on their body.

  • What kind of fish is football fish?

  • Football fish Globose, found in the tropical and colonial waters of the Atlantic, India, and the Pacific, forms a family of deep-sea anchor fish in the hemantolphid. There are 22 species of single species of Hemantolophus (from the Greek iMantos, 鈥渢hong, strap鈥? and lophos, 鈥渃rest鈥?. It is one of the interesting Football fish facts.

  • What is the difference between a male and female anglerfish?

  • Male and female anglerfish differ dramatically in size, with some females measuring up to ten times larger than their male counterparts. The males of some anglerfish species, including the football fish, have evolved into 鈥渟exual parasites.鈥?/div>Pacific Footballfish | California Academy of Sciences

  • What is an anglerfish known for?

  • Anglerfish are named for the glowing lure they use to attract the fish and crustaceans they eat. These fearsome hunters lurk quietly in the depths of the ocean. They鈥檙e ambush predators, Gerringer said, floating and waiting in the dark until prey comes near.

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