is there any monday night football on tonight

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  • What time is Monday Night Football on ESPN?

  • Monday Night Football will air on ESPN at 8:15pm during the NFL regular season. Monday Night Football TV Schedule

  • Is there a’Monday Night Football’in Week 18?

  • While fans have enjoyed 17 weeks of Monday Night Football, they’ll have to wait a week for the 18th. There is no Monday Night Football in Week 18. The NFL never schedules a Monday game in the final week of the season so all of its action can wrap up by the end of Sunday Night Football.

  • Is there a’Thursday Night Football’game in Week 17?

  • (There was no Thursday Night Football in Week 17, either.) The Seahawks hosted the 49ers on Sunday Night Football in the final game of the regular season, and the game 鈥?and, in turn, the playoff seeding 鈥?literally came down to the last second and the last few inches. Is there a ‘Monday Night Football’ game tonight?

  • When does Monday Night Football 2020 start?

  • Monday Night Football kicks off September 14, 2020 and will air on ESPN. The first week of the season ESPN will televise back to back Monday Night Football games. The first game starts at 7:15pm ET and the second game starts at 10:10pm. After the first week Monday Night Football will air at 8:15p ET the rest of football season.

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