is there preseason football on tonight

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  • What channel is the NFL preseason on?

  • Some preseason games will air nationally on networks such as NBC, Fox, CBS and ESPN. NFL Network will also air a record 23 live preseason games. Games on NFL Network will be blacked out in the participating teams鈥?home markets that are airing the games locally.

  • When is the last NFL preseason game?

  • Week 1 of the preseason kicks off on Thursday, August 12 while the last preseason game will be played on Sunday, August 29. Is there an NFL preseason game tonight? There are five NFL preseason games tonight, concluding with Browns at Falcons on NBC and Peacock. Sunday鈥檚 full schedule:

  • When did the 2018 NFL preseason start?

  • The 2018 NFL Preseason kicked off with the NFL/Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio on Thursday, Aug. 1. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Chicago Bears 17-16 in that game. 64 more NFL preseason games were played between Thursday, Aug. 9 and Thursday, Aug. 30. The 2018 NFL preseason has now been completed.

  • When will the 2021 NFL preseason schedule be announced?

  • The 2021 NFL Preseason Schedule begins with the NFL/Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. The remainder of the NFL Preseason Schedule will be announced in April 2021. NFL Schedule – Week HOF Thursday, August 5

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