what are backplates for in football

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Protect against any lower spine hits

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  • What are the best football back plates?

  • Starting off our list of the best football back plates is the Schutt Varsity Football Back Plate. This is a corrugated back plate that will give you all the protection you need on the field. It is very wide to ensure that it covers the whole of your lower back as well as some of your lower torso.

  • What are the benefits of a backplate?

  • Their backplates are great for both style and protecting the lower back from high impact. Designed specifically for football, it protects the lower back, kidneys, and spine. It will NOT limit your movement, speed, or mobility. Slightly curved pad to fit the back

  • What is the difference between each back plate?

  • Each back plate offers different weights and protective qualities, like increased breathability, moisture wicking, and bulkiness. It’s also important to know which shoulder pads your chosen back plate attaches to.

  • What is a Schutt Sports Youth back plate?

  • In simple terms, the Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate is the whole package. You will also realize that the Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate fits all youth shoulder pads. When paired with a really good rib protector, the Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate is one of the best protective back plates out there.

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