what are club seats at a football game

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  • What are club seats?

  • With Club Seats, you can choose from three prime seating sections and select up to six seats per year in one of the three available club seating sections for a 4 year term. Silver 鈥?Seats located between the 25 and 35-yard lines.

  • What are the best seats to sit at an NFL game?

  • Best Overall Seats at an NFL Game: Club Level, First Row. Not surprisingly, club seats make the list of best places to sit. Most NFL stadiums feature a club level on the second deck of seating, just above the lower level. If you recall, sitting near row 30 in the lower level is the perfect height.

  • How much is a seat at a football game?

  • Silver 鈥?Seats located between the 25 and 35-yard lines. Silver section seats cost $2,850 per seat per year. Gold 鈥?Seats located between the 35 and 45-yard lines on both sides of midfield. Gold Section seats cost $3,600 per seat per year

  • What are clubs and suites sections in soccer?

  • Also, the Clubs and Suites sections are often located in the upper levels of a soccer stadium and are usually along the sidelines. Fans will enjoy great amenities and also have a great view of the action, especially if their seats are located closer to midfield.

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