what conference is washington football in

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  • Is the Oregon-Washington rivalry the best under-the-radar matchup in college football?

  • The Oregon-Washington rivalry is one of college football’s best under-the-radar matchups. Both teams have had success recently but, based on a history, resources and expectations, which is the better coaching gig? College football is less than two months away and our writers have you covered from best games to breakout stars and more.

  • Is college football headed for a superconference era?

  • The prevailing thought now (and, yes, prevailing thoughts today could be outdated ones tomorrow) is that college football is heading toward a superconference era in which as the Sporting News鈥?Bill Bender writes, the SEC and Big Ten will play the roles of the NFC and AFC.

  • Where do you think the UW football team will wind up?

  • From a purely regional stance we think the UW remains a valuable college football asset to a bunch of people and could wind up just about anywhere except in the SEC, with old or new friends.

  • Could Huskies fans join Washington State fans in joining up?

  • Fans of schools such as a Washington State have to be feeling fears of future irrelevance with college football鈥檚 shake-up. It鈥檚 not impossible that Huskies fans join them at some point.

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