what conference is washington football in

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  • What is the Washington football team鈥檚 name?

  • Since the summer of 2020, the team simply went by the name Washington Football Team while a more permanent name was sought after. Prior to 2020, the team had been called the Redskins dating back to 1937.

  • Is college football too far off from two major conferences?

  • College Football has proven to be a power vacuum and it might not be too far off from two major conferences: The Big Ten and SEC. Imagine the Big Ten getting the North, Midwest and Western schools, while the SEC likely takes more of the teams from the Southeast and Southwest (kind of like they are currently doing).

  • Is Washington DC changing its football team鈥檚 name?

  • Washington, DC, is soon to reveal its football team’s new name. The announcement is scheduled to come at some point on Wednesday morning. In July 2020, the franchise ceased referring to itself as the Redskins, as the name had long been deemed offensive and was routinely denounced by Native American groups as an ethnic slur.

  • Is the Oregon-Washington rivalry the best under-the-radar matchup in college football?

  • The Oregon-Washington rivalry is one of college football’s best under-the-radar matchups. Both teams have had success recently but, based on a history, resources and expectations, which is the better coaching gig? College football is less than two months away and our writers have you covered from best games to breakout stars and more.

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