what do you wear under football pants

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Football girdle

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  • What do football players wear under their pants?

  • Football players have several different options when it comes to what type of clothing they will wear underneath their football pants. One option to wear underneath football pants is a girdle with a built-in jock. If a player is wearing a girdle it is not uncommon to not wear any underwear underneath it.

  • How do you wear a football girdle?

  • In order to protect your football pants, you should wear a football girdle. The two leg holes should be facing up on the ground. Pull them up as you would any other pair of pants by stepping into the girdle. Under or over your underwear, you can wear the girdle.

  • What are the parts of a football uniform?

  • Football uniforms are made up of helmets, facemasks, jerseys, pants, and padded shirts to protect the ribs, sternum, and shoulders of players. In addition to their uniforms, they wear girdles, which provide padding to their hips, thighs, and buttocks.

  • Do football players wear underwear under their jockstraps?

  • The biggest factor in whether or not a football player wears underwear depends on how they wear their jockstrap. Some jockstraps also act as a pair of underwear while others will require a pair of underwear to be worn underneath. Read on to find out which type of jockstraps usually have a pair of underwear underneath.

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