what does questionable mean in fantasy football

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The term questionable in football is assigned toplayers who the fantasy websites are not sure whether they will play. Unlike the other designations probable and doubtful, a player who is deemed questionable is just as likely to play as he is not, which makes it the hardest to decipher.

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  • What is a bye week in fantasy football?

  • Bye Week: Each NFL team plays 16 games out of 17 weeks during the season. The week a team is off is called its bye week. Ceiling: The top of a player鈥檚 potential, whether it is scoring or his overall talent. Cheat Sheet: A drafting tool that ranks NFL players in order of their projected fantasy point total.

  • What does FFB mean in fantasy football?

  • FF or FFB: Abbreviation for fantasy football Flex: A spot in your starting lineup that allows you to use more than one type of position player, most often running backs or wide receivers. However, some leagues鈥?flex spot allows an owner to use a tight end or even a quarterback.

  • What happens if a player is injured in fantasy football?

  • Injuries: If a player becomes injured, he cannot play and, therefore, cannot score points for his fantasy team. Prior to a game, each NFL team is required to submit an injury report that lists each of their afflicted players and the general nature of their injury (knee, back, illness, etc.).

  • What is a QB1 QB2 in fantasy football?

  • QB1, QB2: In a 10-team league, a QB1 is a quarterback who ranks as a top-10 option, while a QB2 is ranked from 11-20 at the position. QBBC (Quarterback by Committee): The QBBC strategy directs owners to pass on the big-name QBs and fill their roster with RBs and WRs before selecting multiple QBs in the later rounds.

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