what does w/r mean in fantasy football

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Wide receivers

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  • What are player position abbreviations in fantasy football?

  • Player position abbreviations in fantasy football are the same as they are in the real game, but in fantasy leagues, you鈥檒l see many of the abbreviations grouped together. This is because you have the option of choosing a player who plays any one of the listed positions for your fantasy team.

  • What does Def mean in fantasy football?

  • RZ, or red zone, as generally referred to, is the area of the field from the 20-yard line to the end zone. As with the NFL, fantasy football follows the same positional naming in most cases. D/ST: Team Defense/Special Teams. Traditionally, this stands for an entire NFL team鈥檚 defense and their special teams. DEF: Another abbreviation for D/ST.

  • What is a D/St in fantasy football?

  • This position accrues fantasy points based on the collective output of a particular team’s entire defense and special teams. DEF: Another abbreviation for D/ST. For those of you in an Individual Defensive Player ( IDP) league, you may find the following abbreviations common:

  • What is the difference between PPR and IR in fantasy football?

  • In some fantasy leagues, you can play defensive players. These are referred to as IDP or Individual Defensive Players. Much like the NFL, the IR stands for injured reserve. These are players who are out for multiple weeks but do not count against your roster count. PPR stands for point per reception.

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