what happened to sean taylor football player

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Taylor, a first-round pick by the Redskins in the 2004 draft, was a hard-hitting Pro Bowl safety who had previously starred at the University of Miami. He wasshot during the November 2007 confrontationin the upper thigh, damaging his femoral artery and leading to massive blood loss. Taylor was 24 when he died.

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  • What happened to Sean Taylor of Washington football?

  • (CNN) The Washington Football Team paid tribute Sunday to beloved football legend Sean Taylor, who was killed in 2007 while protecting his family from a home burglary. The National Football League (NFL) team retired his jersey number, 21, during a ceremony before their game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Why did Sean Taylor spit in the NFL?

  • Sean Taylor was a football star in high school and at the University of Miami. In 2004, he was the NFL’s No. 5 draft pick, joining the Washington Redskins. While playing professionally, Taylor was repeatedly punished by the league for his rebellious streak, having spit in the face of another football player during a playoff game.

  • How old would Sean Taylor be now?

  • Former NFL superstar, who was shot dead during a botched burglary attempt, would have turned 38 on Thursday, April 1. Sean Taylor, the former NFL star, would have been 38 on Thursday, April 1 if not for a fatal incident that cost him his life 14 years ago.

  • What happened to Tyron Taylor?

  • Four men were charged with felony first-degree murder i n Taylor’s shooting death. Taylor played for the Washington Football Team all four seasons of his NFL career, according to the team. He was regarded as one of the hardest-hitting players in the NFL.

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