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  • What is a pick 6 in football?

  • It sounds simple enough to read, but a 鈥楶ick 6鈥?is one of the rarest moves you鈥檒l see in a game. Immediately upon intercepting a pass, everyone on defense becomes a blocker.

  • What is a pick-six in football?

  • A 鈥楶ick-Six,鈥?on the other hand, is when the player catches the ball and then goes for a touchdown. The team that has intercepted and performed the touchdown gets six points. I think you can see now how a 鈥榩ick six鈥?cannot occur without an interception.

  • What is a pick-off in football?

  • In American Football, when a player intercepts a pass, it is referred to as 鈥榩icking off.鈥?The 鈥榮ix鈥?comes from the number of points that are awarded to the team that performs a touchdown. It is the same thing as an 鈥榠nterception returned for a touchdown鈥?which you might see in the official stats.

  • Where did the term 鈥減ick six鈥?originate?

  • Most sources suggest that the term originated sometime in the early 2000s. Common wisdom suggests that the phrase came about as broadcasting shorthand for saying a defensive player 鈥済ot a pick and six points鈥?due to an interception return for a touchdown. The 鈥渟ix鈥?in the term 鈥淧ick Six鈥?refers to the number of points scored on the play.

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