what is a stiff arm in football

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Ball carrier move

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  • What is a good stiff arm in football?

  • A good stiff arm often results in getting a clean palm under the face mask, forcing the player to end up flat on his back. A legal stiff arm is when the player places his open hand on another player鈥檚 helmet, face mask, or shoulder pads to push them away successfully.

  • How do you Use Your Arms effectively in soccer?

  • Another way to use your arms effectively in soccer is to let your teammates know where you are and that you want the ball. When one player has the ball at their feet, and one or more players from the other team are closing in on them, they will be looking around to see an option of a player on their team who they can pass to.

  • Is it a handball if the ball hits your arm?

  • In these moments, you have to trust the judgment of the referee to make the right call. But as a general rule, if the ball hits a player鈥檚 arm during a soccer game, it is considered handball as long as the contact with the ball was intentional and the player touching the ball is not the goalie within their penalty area.

  • Can You Use Your Arms to defend yourself in a fight?

  • While you can and should use your arms to defend, one thing you cannot do is stick your arm out to push an opponent away. When you watch some other sports such as football or rugby, you will see players holding their arms out, or stiff-arming an opponent to keep them at arm鈥檚 length.

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