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The term EDGE started getting used withplayers being swapped between 3/4 and 4/3. In the 4/3, the edge rusher is considered a DE, in the 3/4 he’s a OLB. Instead of calling a guy a DE and then getting confused when he changes to OLB, they just call the position EDGE.

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  • What is an edge rushing player in football?

  • An edge rusher in football is a defensive player that rushes the quarterback from the outside. Defensive ends and outside linebackers are two positions considered to be edge rushers.

  • What is edge football stats and how does it work?

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  • What does it mean to be an edge player?

  • It really is a defensive term, where the outside LB, or sometimes the DE, are supposed to set the edge. It means don’t get blocked so the runner can get outside of you. No matter what you have to set the edge and make sure the runner gets turned inside where there’s more defenders. And that makes him an edge player.

  • What does the edge Guy do?

  • The edge guy comes from outside the tackle (7tech in 4-3). setting the edge is a DE playing in a 5tech (typically) or 7 shade over the TE. His job generally is to set the edge and force the RB either inside or out (or spill) depending on the D scheme. More sharing options… isnt it a razor? More sharing options…

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