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  • What is the flex position in fantasy football?

  • No, this article is not referring to the strength of an individual鈥檚 bicep muscle. Instead, it focuses in on the Flex position in fantasy football. In most scoring formats, this spot is best defined as an additional running back, wide receiver or tight end that can be inserted into a starting lineup.

  • Who are the best fantasy football flex players?

  • These top players include Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, Michael Thomas, Deandre Hopkins, and Julio Jones. These players are the top fantasy players in the game but the flex position usually focuses around sleeper players.

  • When should I use the Flex spot in my lineup?

  • When in doubt, utilize the Flex spot in a starting lineup for players with afternoon or primetime games on Sunday or Monday. This will maximize roster flexibility and lengthen decision making time in the process, as players can be taken out of a lineup if necessary prior to kickoff.

  • Should you use flex roster positions on Thursday night matches?

  • Due to the threat of injuries or unforeseen weather conditions, never occupy the Flex position with a player that is slated on a Thursday night matchup. Doing so will limit all future roster decisions in a week, including the ability to acquire and start a popular name off of the waiver wire or free agency pool.

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