what is the college football rankings

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Bottom-line determination of a team鈥檚 fate

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  • What are the College Football Playoff rankings for each year?

  • Guide to the College Football Playoff rankings system Year First CFP No. 1 Final CFP No. 1 National Champion 2014 Mississippi State Alabama Ohio State 2015 Clemson Clemson Alabama 2016 Alabama Alabama Clemson 2017 Georgia Clemson Alabama 1 more rows …

  • Do rankings really matter in college football?

  • The rankings also matter for selection for the highest-ranked Group of 5 champion (The American, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and the Sun Belt). That team automatically goes into a New Year’s Six game.

  • What are the major college football polls?

  • There are many polls to keep track of during the college football season, from the AP Poll and College Football Playoff rankings in the FBS to the FCS and Division II polls. Here’s what you need to know about the major polls 鈥?and how college football rankings work.

  • When do college football rankings come out for 2019?

  • For the 2019 season, the first rankings will be revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 5. However, only the final rankings matter for CFP and New Year’s Six inclusion. Tuesday, Nov. 5 Tuesday, Nov. 12 Tuesday, Nov. 19 Tuesday, Nov. 26 Tuesday, Dec. 3

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