what is the fbs in college football

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Football Bowl Subdivision

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  • What is the difference between FBS and FCS in college football?

  • 1. FBS is also known by its former name, Division I-A, whereas, FCS is known by its previous name, Divison I-AA. 2. FBS conducts bowl-style post season games, whereas the FCS stages a playoff series that makes use of a single elimination process.

  • What is an FBS college?

  • In the case of the FBS, their authority falls under an independent body 鈥?the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), whose authority is above that of the NCAA. Lastly, in the aspect of scholarships, FBS colleges usually give 85 scholarships to 85 different and qualified players.

  • What is the difference between Division 1 and FBS schools?

  • These levels pertain to how well the institution is equipped and funded. If it is well funded, with lots of sports scholarships offered, then most likely it will be classified as Division I. The lower the number of the division, the less funded the school is expected to be. FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) is very different from FCS.

  • What are FBS schools that are not in conferences?

  • Some programs are considered independent without conference but are still FBS schools (Notre Dame, Army and BYU, for example). Many FBS football programs change conferences. Take Texas AM, for example. The Aggies previously played in the Big 12 and Southwestern Conference before joining the SEC in 2012.

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