what is the score of the philadelphia eagles football game

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  • Who scored a touchdown in his first NFL game?

  • Kenny Gainwell rushed for a touchdown to put Philadelphia up three scores, as Gainwell and Smith became the first pair of rookies in franchise history to each score a touchdown in their first career game. Hurts capped off the victory with a 23-yard pass to Reagor to put Philadelphia up 29-6 with 4:20 to play.

  • What time does the Eagles lead the Steelers 3-0?

  • The field goal is good by Jake Elliott, Eagles lead, 3-0. 7:34 PM ET: Jalen Hurts starts the game for the Eagles, completing his first two passes including a terrific deep out to TE Dallas Goedert. Goedert beat Steelers LB Devin Bush as Hurts spotted him open at the top of his break for 34 yards.

  • What happened in the first half of the Alabama-Eagles game?

  • Hurts found Goedert on a 9-yard touchdown catch with two seconds remaining in the first half that gave the Eagles a commanding 15-6 lead and set the tone for the remainder of the game.

  • What happened in the Cowboys’20-7 loss to the Eagles?

  • The Cowboys (2-1) had a 19-1 edge in first downs late in the first half, but the Eagles were down just 20-7 at the break. After Javon Hargrave forced Prescott’s fumble and caught the ball for the score, the Eagles stuffed the QB on a fourth-down sneak at the other end.

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