what is the sec in football

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Southeastern Conference

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  • Could the SEC become college football’s first 16-team power 5 conference?

  • The SEC is on the verge of becoming college football鈥檚 first 16-team Power 5 conference. Multiple reports indicate Texas and Oklahoma are both poised to depart the Big 12 and eventually join the SEC. The official arrival date of the Longhorns and the Sooners is uncertain, but there are no signs either program plans to depart from this current path.

  • Should the SEC add Oklahoma and Texas to the playoff?

  • The SEC is already college football鈥檚 No. 1 conference and has dominated the sport throughout the BCS and College Football Playoff era. In addition to the on-field prowess of Oklahoma and Texas, adding these two programs only increases the television value and money flowing into the conference.

  • What is the SEC mini playoff?

  • The winner of this SEC mini playoff could advance to play the winner of another mega conference (likely the Big Ten) in a de facto national championship. Teams that do not reach this clash of mega conference titans could play in traditional bowl games.

  • What would a 20-team SEC look like in the future?

  • What would a 20-team future look like for SEC football? Here’s one idea. Clemson, Florida State are big brands that would fit SEC culture. Each SEC team would play three rivals annually, plus eight rotating conference foes. Instead of an SEC Championship, conduct a mini playoff featuring the top six teams.

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