what is the sec in football

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Southeastern Conference

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  • Who might the SEC add now SEC football?

  • Oklahoma and Texas are joining the SEC. USC and UCLA are joining the Big Ten. If super-conferences are the future, who might the SEC add now SEC Football: 5 possible teams to join the conference during expansion Schedule Teams SEC Arkansas Auburn Florida Georgia LSU Tennessee Texas AM ACC Clemson UNC Big Ten Iowa Michigan Michigan St. Nebraska

  • Where do SEC teams stand in terms of returning production?

  • Here’s where each SEC team stands in terms of returning production heading into the 2022 college football season. The 2022 college football season is less than two months away, and every SEC team will be bringing back at least half of its production from last season.

  • What is the Southeastern Conference (SEC)?

  • The Southeastern Conference, or SEC, is one of the biggest athletic conferences in the USA. Its members include 14 universities primarily located in South Central and southeast USA.

  • Will the SEC headquarters in Birmingham send out feelers for more teams?

  • Though the SEC will grow from 14 to 16 teams when the Sooners and Longhorns join, there鈥檚 a chance the headquarters folks in Birmingham will send out feelers with the goal of making the conference even bigger.

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