what nfl football game is on right now

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  • When is the next Super Bowl in the NFL?

  • Check-in here throughout the year for the NFL games today full weekly schedule. Including links to Sportsnaut鈥檚 season forecasts for all 32 teams, and much more on the road to the NFL鈥檚 grand finale, Super Bowl LVI, on February 13, 2022.

  • Is the NFL just easing into the preseason?

  • It is somewhat surprising that the NFL has the game so early on a Sunday that otherwise contains no high-level football. It appears as though the NFL is just easing into the preseason.

  • Was the NFL’s divisional-round the best weekend in playoff history?

  • After a wild-card weekend that was anything but wild, the NFL’s four divisional-round games combined to create what was, arguably, the best weekend in NFL playoff history.

  • What do the AFC and NFC Championship games mean for NFL fans?

  • These AFC and NFC Championship Games aren’t necessarily the ones NFL fans expected entering the playoffs, but they certainly have the potential to be exciting matchups. The AFC game will be a battle of two great, young quarterbacks in a meeting that could become a potential rivalry.

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