what order should i draft positions in fantasy football 2021

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  • What is the average draft position in fantasy football?

  • Then, divide that by three (since we鈥檙e looking at the ADP for three platforms) and you鈥檒l get an average draft position of 8.7, which is the eighth-highest among fantasy players in a standard league format. You can also gain insights by seeing a player鈥檚 ADP at his respective position.

  • How do fantasy football leagues decide draft order?

  • Most fantasy football leagues decide their draft order by the reverse order of last year’s standings, or by letting the computer randomly generate the order approximately one hour before the draft begins. However, these outdated methods are boring and leave much to be desired.

  • Which running back should you pick first in your fantasy football draft?

  • If you have only one running back rostered, then Carson, Darrell Henderson, J.K. Dobbins and David Montgomery should be the priority targets. Henderson鈥檚 ADP on the platform you draft is extremely important to take note of because his ADP could be easily in the 60s, making it unnecessary to select him this early.

  • Are running back draft classes returning to the fantasy football food chain?

  • The running backs have returned to the top of the fantasy football food chain. It wasn鈥檛 so long ago when drafters selected Julio Jones and Antonio Brown over their bell-cow counterparts, but a few talented running back draft classes have returned leagues to the golden days.

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