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  • How many games are on the SEC football schedule in 2020?

  • The 2020 college football season of course is a unique situation with the SEC football schedule in that the teams are only playing 10-game schedules with in-conference games only. This week, the Texas AM and Ole Miss game is currently postponed. We will see if any other games fall victim to COVID-19.

  • What channel is the SEC football game on?

  • All SEC football games air on either CBS or one of the ESPN properties (SEC Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC). You can stream any of the games that appear on ESPN properties using the ESPN app. The season is set to wrap up on December 19, 2020 with the SEC Championship Game.

  • How many games does the SEC play in a year?

  • In a normal year, SEC teams play 8 conference games which include their 6 divisional opponent, one permanent crossover opponent and one slot that rotates through the remaining teams in the other division.

  • Can SEC teams knock each other out of the top 25?

  • It was also a point of pride when previously-unranked Texas AM toppled No. 15 Arizona State and Mississippi State entered the poll at No. 25. But there鈥檚 a downside to all of this rankings gushing. These SEC teams have to play each other, and some will likely knock others out of the Top 25.

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