what state is clemson football

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South Carolina

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  • What stadium does Clemson football play in?

  • Clemson football plays in Memorial Stadium. The stadium’s maximum capacity is 81,500. Clemson is keeping the fan total below 20,000 during 2020 do to COVID-19 protocols. Memorial Stadium was opened in 1942, and the time, it cost $125,000 to build.

  • How many times has Clemson been to the playoffs?

  • The Clemson Tigers football team has been on an unprecedented run of success over the past half-decade, ascending to the upper echelon of college football. Clemson has advanced to five consecutive College Football Playoffs and is set to play in its fourth national title game. Where is Clemson University located?

  • Where is Clemson University located?

  • Where is Clemson University? Clemson University is located in the town of Clemson in upstate South Carolina. The university has an undergraduate enrollment of near 20,000, which actually exceeds the population of the town. The red marker near the top-center of the map above is pointing at Clemson.

  • How good is Clemson football in 2020?

  • Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium, where the football Tigers play, isn’t easy to miss. And in 2020, it’s hard to miss that Clemson is really good at football, too. That didn’t stop one attendant from stopping me on my only trip to the Clemson campus in South Carolina to whisper in my ear. Hey, you know the guys that play over there?

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