what the best defensive position in football

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Defensive midfielder

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  • What are the basic positions on the defense in football?

  • Here are the basic positions on the defense: The defensive end lines up at the end of the defensive line. There usually are two defensive ends, one at either end.

  • How many players are on the defense in football?

  • There can be 11 players at various positions on the field for the defense on a play, just as there can be for the offense. The defensive positions in football can be grouped into three general categories: defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs.

  • What are the most difficult positions to play in football?

  • One of the most challenging things for a novice is the football positions on the field, especially offensive and defensive positions. It is hardly accessible with so many players on the pitch; all dressed identically. Offense and defense are the most important positions in football.

  • What skills do you need to be a defensive end?

  • This position requires a lot of discipline, strength, speed, and athleticism. Skill Development: A defense of our needs to be strong, so the weight room is crucial for this position. More so than a defense of tackle or a nose guard, explosiveness is a vital skill at this position.

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