what to wear to a homecoming football game

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  • What should I wear to a high school football game?

  • For the big game, you need an outfit that鈥檚 easy to move in (too-tight dresses are a no-go), classy and bursting with school spirit. Before we dive into it, let鈥檚 go over a few major don鈥檛s of game day fashion: – Leave pricey jewelry at home. Nothing is worse than losing your precious jewelry in the stadium. Nuff said. – Wear comfortable shoes.

  • What do Southerners wear to college football games?

  • Of course, not every Southerner is donning pearls and heels or a suit and tie to college football games. If you don鈥檛 want to wear your fanciest duds for the game, no one is going to think you鈥檙e a football-hating heathen. Still, it doesn鈥檛 hurt to put somethought into your game day outfits. You want to wear something practical yet stylish.

  • What should I wear to a football game without rooting?

  • Not all who watch or attend football games are fans of the sport-maybe you’re in attendance for the good company or good food. Either way, if you’re not rooting for one team or another, there’s no need to feign fandom. Wear what you normally would to a fall outing, such as jeans and your favorite cozy sweater.

  • How do you wear a football jersey to a party?

  • The first way to wear a football jersey is to treat it like a dress (just make sure that it鈥檚 long enough for this) and pair it with a cute pair of white Vans (cowgirl boots work well, too). Wear some spandex shorts underneath so you can run around, play tailgate games, do a keg stand鈥攜ou know, the usual tailgate activities.

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