what to wear to a homecoming football game

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Undoubtedly the easiest outfit you can put together for a football game is wearing your (or even a random) team’sjersey. For a classic look, opt for jeans for bottoms and coordinate your footwear to the color scheme you’re representing.

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  • What to wear to a football game when it’s still hot?

  • Here’s what to wear to a football game when it’s still hot. 1. Keep your white jeans in rotation, but trade your cool citrus hues on top for warm earth tones and neutrals. You’ll be hearing this tip from me a lot this fall.

  • What should I do for Homecoming?

  • You鈥檒l also find homecoming advice that explores spirit-week traditions, including building parade floats, cheering at pep rallies, crowning the homecoming court, and attending the homecoming football game. But let鈥檚 focus on the homecoming dance!

  • Do you have to wear a suit to Homecoming?

  • Although it might not be required to wear a suit or dress (check your school鈥檚 homecoming dance dress code to be sure!), homecoming is one of the few dances of the school year, so it鈥檚 a great opportunity to dress up and have fun with friends.

  • How do you dress up like a college football player?

  • Wear a sweater vest over it and a beanie emblazoned with your team鈥檚 logo. Complete the look with Chelsea boots or a classic pair of sneakers. Play around with your team鈥檚 colors. For example, if you鈥檙e an Auburn fan, pair your brown chinos with a navy blue vest and a bright orange beanie or scarf.

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