what was the first football helmet

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  • Who invented the football helmet?

  • One of the first known helmets designed specifically for the game was made by a Maryland shoemaker for a Naval Academy midshipman named Joseph Reeves, who was told by a doctor that he had to give up football or else risk death from another kick in the head.

  • When did the first motorcycle helmet come out?

  • A Chicago manufacturer created the first plastic helmet in the 1940s, and included a chin strap in his new design. The shape also got some customization, from the original slightly flat top to a teardrop shape, which allowed the impact of a collision to slide to one side or the other instead of taking the blow head-on.

  • What did football helmets look like in the 1980s?

  • By the late 1980s the football helmet weighed three pounds and had a complex design. The inside of the helmet consisted of foam padding and a plastic layer to absorb the impact of a collision. The outer shell of the helmet was made with poly carbonate. Additional layers added protection to the head including aluminum, plastic foam and leather.

  • When did the NFL stop using leather helmets?

  • In 1949 the NFL officially adopted the plastic design which marked the end of the leather helmet era. In 1948 Fred Gerke became the first football player to create a design on his helmet while playing for the Los Angeles Rams. Gerke painted the helmet blue including gold horns on the design.

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