what’s the thursday night football game tonight

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  • What time is Thursday Night Football on TV?

  • Thursday Night Football will air on FOX and NFL Network at 8:20pm during the NFL regular season. Thursday Night Football TV Schedule

  • Is there a’Thursday Night Football’game on Jan 13?

  • No, there is not a Thursday Night Football game on Thursday, Jan. 13. Thursday Night Football is over for this season and won’t be back until the 2022 NFL regular season begins.

  • Why is Thursday Night Football so popular?

  • Thursday Night Football is something that football fans have gotten used to over the years. It has take some time, and the matchups aren’t always pretty, but rest assured that when it’s Thursday, football fans are ready to watch two NFL teams fight hard to win.

  • Is there a 鈥楾hursday Night Football鈥?game in 2022?

  • The 2022 NFL playoffs have begun and that means there will be no more Thursday night games for the rest of the season. Here’s everything you need to know about TNF for the 2022 playoffs and what you can watch with the program finished for the season. Is there a ‘Thursday Night Football’ game tonight?

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