when does georgia play alabama football

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Jan. 10, 2022

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  • What time does the Georgia Alabama national title game start?

  • National title game start time Pacific: 5 p.m. PT The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN. College football fans will also want to know when their night will wrap up. Or if you are a fan of the winning team, when the real party will start. So how long will the Georgia Alabama National Title game last?

  • What channel is the Alabama-Georgia game on?

  • Alabama (13-1) and Georgia (13-1) will square off at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., on Monday, January 10, 2022. The game will be televised by ESPN at 8:00pm ET.

  • When does Alabama play Georgia in the 2022 national championship?

  • Alabama and Georgia play for the 2022 CFP National Championship on Monday, January 10 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Bulldogs have a good offense scoring 39 points per game and the team’s defense is number one of the season, but Crimson Tide knows what the weak points of that defensive line are.

  • When does Georgia play Alabama in the SEC Championship Game?

  • The Dawgs will be playing in two of those games, one against Florida in Jacksonville in the traditional 3:30 slot and the other game being Georgia’s road trip to Tuscaloosa. Georgia, who was originally slated to play Alabama as their SEC opener prior to the switch to conference-only play, will now play Bama October 17 at 8PM EST.

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