who did phil robertson play football with

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  • Did you know Phil Robertson played in the NFL?

  • You may know Phil Robertson from the TV show Duck Dynasty, but did you know he was an aspiring football star in his younger days? You haven鈥檛 heard of Robertson鈥檚 NFL career because it never happened. But why did he opt-out of a potentially lucrative football career? (He even played with Terry Bradshaw in college.)

  • What college did Phil Robertson go to?

  • Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana. He attended Louisiana Tech University (nope, not LSU) for three seasons in the late 1960s and started for two of those at quarterback before deciding his passion was in ducks, hunting and everything outdoors, not in football.

  • How did Phil Robertson make his money?

  • Yet Robertson, who first found wealth as the inventor of the Duck Commander duck calls and then fame as the patriarch of a clan of Louisiana duck hunters on AE鈥檚 鈥?Duck Dynasty 鈥?reality series, is no backwoods bumpkin. He鈥檚 a multi-millionaire with a master鈥檚 degree in education.

  • How many Super Bowls has Phil Robertson won?

  • 鈥淲ell, he鈥檚 got four Super Bowls and I鈥檓 some kind of movie star now, but he said, 鈥榊ou did pretty good, Robertson,’ and I said, 鈥淵ou ain鈥檛 done bad yourself.鈥?Within a few minutes, Joe Montana came by and told Robertson some of his kids watch 鈥淒uck Dynasty.鈥?As a small crowd gathered, the trio talked football and ducks.

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