who did phil robertson play football with

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  • Did you know Phil Robertson played in the NFL?

  • You may know Phil Robertson from the TV show Duck Dynasty, but did you know he was an aspiring football star in his younger days? You haven鈥檛 heard of Robertson鈥檚 NFL career because it never happened. But why did he opt-out of a potentially lucrative football career? (He even played with Terry Bradshaw in college.)

  • What college did Phil Robertson go to?

  • Phil Robertson Football Career Duck Dynasty鈥檚 Phil Robertson attended Louisiana Tech University for three seasons and started for two of those at quarterback before deciding his passion was in ducks, hunting, and everything outdoors, not in football.

  • What did Phil Robertson do for Duck Dynasty?

  • Phil Alexander Robertson is an American professional hunter who invented his own duck call and founded the Duck Commander company. He also starred in the popular American reality television series 鈥楧uck Dynasty鈥?that featured lives of his family; and on the television show on hunting titled 鈥楤uck Commander鈥?

  • Was Phil Robertson a better quarterback than Terry Bradshaw?

  • Phil Robertson is the perfect example of that. Not only did the Duck Dynasty star start at quarterback for Louisiana Tech in the 1960s, he was actually ahead of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw on the depth chart before he eventually chose ducks over football.

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